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The Maze
The Maze
Pairings: Hints of SasukexSakura
Genre: Hints of Romance & Friendship
Sasuke waved bye to his mother as he walked out of the door, shutting it behind him. He was dressed as a little vampire, even with trails of blood rolling down the corners of his mouth. His mouth was open as he bared his glowing fangs as he walked alone. His black clothes were all neat and he had a black and red cape over his shoulders. His mother had said he looked really handsome in his costume, and he would have been in all smiles if his brother had joined him like he promised. Sasuke frowned at the thought of his brother off on another mission, too busy for him. But he just shook his head, forgetting the thought. He walked down the lit streets of the district, knocking on the doors one by one as he chanted 'Trick or Treat' repeatedly at the smiling faces of his relatives. He would smile back as they put candy into his black and orange bag, telling them thanks before running off the s
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Memories-SasuSaku-Chapter 14
Chapter 14
~ The Insanity~
The sound of the phone filled the near silent room. Oddly enough, both our phones rang at the same time, both with the same commonly used ringtone. The normal home telephone ring. We both listened to the rings for a few minutes, while trying to catch our breaths. After the fourth ring, they stopped ringing, both of the phones did.
But not even after thirty seconds did they both start ringing again. I sat up first and looked around the room quietly, searching for my clothes that held my phone within them. I felt movement on the other side of the bed and realized that the hunter had also sat up too, probably looking for his phone as well.
I got up when I spotted my phone, and walked over to retrieve it. I heard soft footsteps on the other side of the room, and could only guess that he as well got up to retrieve his phone. I flipped my phone open and saw it was Ino calling me. She was probably checking up on me, though I wonder why she was doing this at th
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Feel - SasuxSaku
Feels like I spent all this time talking to walls
Feels like I gotta let go of the way it was before
Are you really there? Are you made of stone?
Am I talking to someone or am I here all alone?

She stood there, facing his back with a stream of tears rolling down her face. She stared at his back, with glistening green orbs. Her clothing was stained with red liquid everything. Her hands shook with angry and sadness at her sides, as she balled her hands into fists. Her pale face was plastered with dirt and a red substance, as it was being washed away by the streams rolling down her face. Her lips were trembling, as if she was cold but she wasn't. She was mad and upset.
He faced the other direction, hiding his face with his hair with his back to her. Specks of a red liquid littered his clothing, and skin which she took notice to even though his back was towards her. His hands were at his sides, his katana on the ground behind him, stuck in the mud beneath them. Hi
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Too Late
Too Late
Scene 1 – Jack
I watched her walk down the aisle with her father. She looks gorgeous in her white satin wedding gown. I'm sitting by the white grand piano playing the bridal wedding song as I watch her. Her father hands her off to him. My best – or at least he was - friend. I painted a fake smile onto my face when she looks over at me and gives me a warm smile. I stop playing and watch the whole ceremony, trying my best to be happy for them. I watch them exchange their vows, saying "I do" and place the silver wedding rings on each other's fingers. But I had to close my eyes briefly when the priest said "I now pronounce you husband and wife". It was too much to bear for me.
After I heard them walk down the aisle, and the cheers from all their happy families shouted, came the reception. I sat at the table with the groom and Keira – the bride – along with our closest friends. I playe
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Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes
He fell to his knees in front of the huge stone. His black hair cascaded gently down his shoulders as he fell. His fingers grazed over her name shakily. He couldn't believe it. It was all a lie. She couldn't really be dead. She had told him that she would wait. Wait just for him. Because she had told him that he was her precious person.
He sat there. His cheek pressed against her tombstone, trying to feel her warmth once again but was unable to do so. All he felt was the ice cold feel of the grainy concrete stone. His black eyes stared at the pink cherry blossom tree beside her grave. He gazed lifelessly at the light candy pink of the tree's blossoms in pain. Pink was her favourite colour. She loved this light pink tree so much, that she had requested in her will to be buried under one. His black lifeless eyes closed slowly, in an effort to reminisce in the time he spent with her. All he had left was his memories of her, with him.
A hand reached out towards him, unknow
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Beautiful Ugly Baby
Beautiful Ugly Baby
She lay back, relieved that it was finally over. Sweat drenched her whole body, due to the ordeal she went through. Nurses crowded around her, helping her clean up, while others were off cleaning the blood covered noise maker. Her chest rose up and down in an effort to get her breathe back. She closed her eyes briefly, to concentrate on calming herself back down. When she open her eyes again, the nurse beside her held a bundle of white blankets with the noise maker held within them, to keep it warm. Ironically the noise maker had stopped crying and screaming and was now quiet as ever.
She reached out to the little bundle and the nurse gently placed her in her arms. The nurse propped the woman up with the pillows so she wouldn’t need to strain herself. She cradle the little bundle I her arms as gently as she could. Inside was a beautiful baby girl. Her fingers were so, so tiny and she had large chubby cheeks. Her hair was pitch black and a little damp fro
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Mature content
In the Silence of the Night :iconxxtrinisakura125xx:XxTriniSakura125xX 8 10
Mature content
Memories-SasuSaku-Chapter 13 :iconxxtrinisakura125xx:XxTriniSakura125xX 4 7
Memories-SasuSaku-Chapter 12
Chapter 12
~That Girl~
I woke up from my slumber. I looked around the room to take in my surroundings once again. I shook my head, clearing the thoughts of my dream that had seemed so real to me. I took a deep breathe and looked around again. I was in still the same hotel room that my team and I had checked in a few hours ago. I looked at the digital clock beside my bedside and saw it was half past midnight. I got up and grabbed my jacket and left my room. I didn’t bother to check if the others were still awake or not, I just needed to clear my head.
I made my way downstairs and out to the parking lot, and got into my car (put name here later), that I had brought along with that old van we always drive in. I draped my jacket on the passenger’s seat and closed the door and started the car.
While I was driving out of the parking lot, I swore I saw Karin peeking out her window watching me. She was the most annoying and one of the creepiest girls I have every met. She better not
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Memories-SasuSaku-Chapter 11
Chapter 11
“Why the hell are there hunters in our area?! There have never been hunters here before!” Kiba whispered harshly towards the others.
“Calm down, how we were supposed to know that he wanted to become a hunter in the first place?” questioned Naruto.
“But to return to our land? Our area? Our home? Especially to hunt us down!” shouted Kiba.
“He was born here, this place is still his home.” Mutters Naruto under his breathe.
“But to bring strangers along with him!? Who if you may not of noticed, but they all want to kill us, including Sasuke.” Kiba shouted again.
“Well, basically their here to kill Sakura.” Gaara Clarified, we all winced at the thought.
“We should just go out and kill them.” Neji offered, after clearing his head of the thought of Sakura dead.
“And what if Sakura found out about it?” asked Kiba.
“We all die a painful death.” Naruto said shaking his hea
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Literacy Test
It was during the literacy test, when the memories flooded back to me. It was all because of that one damn question in the second half of the test. Those painful memories drowning my mind for a few brief minutes, before I skipped it and went back to doing the test. But that one memory I could not get out of my head. It was just one lone memory that should not have been there at all in the first place, though it was there, implanted in my mind for all eternity. It would never go away and I was certain of that.  
I finished half of the test, and took my thirty minute break. I sat on the steps of my school, gossiping with fellow classmates, while drinking juice and eating a granola bar. It was suppose to help us ‘think’ better after so long on one test. I thought it was ridiculous, but if I could talk with my friends for a while then it was alright.  
Afterward is when I discovered that question. I stared at it for a long ten minutes, wasting all the time I h
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Memories-SasuSaku-Chapter 10
Chapter 10
~Life vs. Death~
I stared at her body lying on the floor. She was drenched in her own blood. The wounds I saw on her body in that forest five days ago were still showing. They were barely healed themselves. Her clothes were still the same shape as they were. Ragged and ripped in many places from that fight she had with that man. Her hair, was short, it was never short before. The first time I met her, her hair was long, not short. It looked like a huge mess to; it was uneven, as if it was cut blindly or sometime in battle.
I went over to her and check to see if she had a pulse or not. When I did check, I noticed she had a black eye that was still blue and purple, and still swollen really bad. On the side of her face, that I was able to see she had a busted lip. It looked big red and had dried blood on her lips also. Beside her mouth was a little separate pool of blood also, which I would have guessed she was coughing up blood repeatedly also. I scanned the rest of her body,
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I'm Sorry
I’m Sorry
I know I wasn’t there
when you needed me the most

I heard your parents passed on two years after I left. I knew you needed a shoulder to cry on. I knew you needed my help. I know that I should of came back to help you. I know I wasn’t there to help you when you needed me the most, and for that I’m sorry.
I know I didn’t care
and was afraid to get so close

I know when I was younger, I rejected your feelings. I know when I was younger, I was mean to you. I know that when I was younger, I broke your heart piece by piece. I know I didn’t care then, because I was afraid to get so close to you, since you were my weakness and for that I’m sorry.
Tonight it’s getting hard to fall asleep
cause it’s becoming clear that I broke all into pieces

I toss and turn in my bed, thinking of all the things I said. The images keep running in my mind of you. It is impossible to fall asleep without you near me. Th
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My Angel
My Angel
She was the heart and soul of all the people of Konoha. She was the kindest woman you would ever meet. She had been the world’s greatest medic-nin that ever lived. She must have helped nearly every single person that was in the village, both young and old. Everyone saw the good in her, no matter the situation. But I ask why? Why did you take my angel away from me? If she only did good deeds, than why take away such a good soul?
I sat by her grave, and leaned against the tombstone and looked up at the sky. They sky was covered with dark angry looking clouds, who looked like they were threatening to pour rain on everything. My hands balled up into fists as I pounded the ground. My eyes filled of angry, of lost; of loneliness from being away the one I loved the most. I craved to see her bright sparkling jade eyes that shone as brightly as her soul had. I craved to see that unique pink hair of hers, as it sway with the wind, and made her even more beautiful then she al
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Memories-SasuSaku-Chapter 9
Chapter 9
~ What is wrong? ~
Kiba was driving like a maniac, swaying in and out of cars in front of us, making his way towards Naruto’s apartment building. Cars honked at us, and were forced to either slowed down or speed up to aloud us better assets around them.
I was still restless and in my vampire form still in the back seat of the car. I’ve calmed down enough so I wasn’t shaking the car any more, nor destroying the seats in the back. My eyebrow was twitching madly in annoyance of not getting a chance to rip that traitor up into pieces, and my fingers were hitting the window in a steady motion. I wasn’t tapping it hard enough to break, nor soft enough so that it was not able to be heard.
I saw Naruto looking back at me a few times in the mirror. He wasn’t injured at all, thank god. But why did he have to fight him? I wanted to so bad, why he had to.
I wasn’t going to calm down any time soon, and everyone knew that. A few minutes later the smell
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Memories-SasuSaku-Chapter 8
Chapter 8
I finally had some peace in my room. I went back to staring up at my ceiling and started thinking over about what happened. It wasn’t my own fault that we lost the leech. They played us like a bunch of dogs. We have never introduced ourselves to our enemies before, and now of all time we choose to tell them who we were? Now that is how someone stalks for time. If we didn’t fall for that, we would have killed them off and we would be heading out of this village, gone forever.
But I am able to leave the village, again, without even seeing Sakura again. Was I even sure she was in this village again? Was I even sure that she would have the same feelings for me? I had so many questions running through my mind, which I didn’t even know if I was able to harm any one.
She uses to make me so calm and happy again. After the massacre of my family, done by vampires of course, it was so hard for me to relate to any one any more. Other then having Nar
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Look here -->…

If many of you, just like me use to watch Sailor Moon as a kid in front of the TV every single evening, then this will definitely make your day!!!

Sailor Moon definitely brings back some cherished childhood memories, so I can't wait to see what they have in store for us!!!! :D

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